Monday, February 6, 2012

Crochet Headband

I'm betting someone out there has a similar problem to mine.  I have girl babies with not much hair.  After the first few people tell me what a cute little boy I have DESPITE the fact that she's wearing pink, I try to find something to put on her head to signal that this is no boy.

With Kewpie I gave up after a while because she would grab whatever it was on her head and pull it off and chew on it and then leave it somewhere.

Same story with Xena.

But I might have found an answer.  This head band is made out of baby soft yarn, so it's very comfortable, and in this cold weather, probably a little warming as well.

I made it to fit Xena's head exactly, so that it rests on it, not squeezes it.

And so far, she's allowed it to rest there.  For the most part.  There was some exploring of a new object done, but after that, she's let it be.  Hooray!

(Don't say that too loudly, I might jinx myself.)

I crocheted one line until it was the length I desired (to REST on her head, not squeeze it.)  Then I turned around and single stitched back, looping into the original chain.  Then I did it again.  Three connected lines.  So easy so far.

Then I found a white button and sewed it on one end.  The loops in the crochet make perfect button holes, so it is easy to adjust on the other end.

My mother in law gave me a loom-thingy that you wrap yarn around to make a flower.  I made one out of yarn and one out of ribbon, to match her new dress.

Or you could take a used thread spool and stick pins around the top in a circle about 1/2 inch apart.  Then you weave the warn around the pins until each pin has at least two layers of yarn.  (The fuller, the better, in my mind.)

A yarn sized needle is useful at this point, because you loop the yarn behind each pin to knot that petal of the flower in place.  When each petal is secured, take out the pins, and there's your flower!

The hole in the middle is perfect to fit over my button.

Guess what, world?  She's a girl!

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