Tuesday, March 6, 2012

T-shirt Fancifying for the Two Year Old

Excuse the sad face.  Kewpie likes the shirt, just not the photographer.  She's two.

I had this plain small children's t-shirt in green that I got from the dollar store.  Kewpie is smaller than a children's small, though.  I'd put the t-shirt in my stash, waiting for inspiration, and when I saw it this week, I was inspired.  It is, after all, March.  The month to celebrate green.

First of all, I cut the t-shirt off completely an inch under the arms.

Then I took a t-shirt that fit her well, folded it in half, poked the sleeves in, and traced the body.

You could also trace a sleeve, but I discovered that I didn't need them..

Then I placed the pattern on the top of the t-shirt, lining it up with the top seams and neckline (I was still going to use those) and traced it with soap.  Then I cut around the arms and down.  (Sorry, forgot to photo that.)

I cut about an inch off the sleeve at the part where it meets the shirt to make it shorter.  Then I pinned and sewed the sleeves back in, but because the body was smaller now, the sleeves were too wide.  That made for a cute little pucker in the top of the sleeve.

Then I took the bottom part of the shirt, gathered it, and reattached it to the now smaller shirt.

Last of all, I tried it on Kewpie, and she gave her approval, whew!

I would say it took me about 30-45 minutes.

Now to ponder on how to embellish it.  A shamrock on the front?

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