Sunday, April 29, 2012

Growing Creatively

Pinterest has changed me.
In the sense that I started growing my garden long before it was warm enough.  I found a pin from, and once I read her explanation, I had to try it out myself.  As you can tell, it works!

It was such a good idea  They used soda bottles, but we have more juice around than soda.  So you cut it off about 1/3 from the top, poke a hole in the lid, and run a string or yarn through the hole, and then fill the top 1/3 with soil and plant your seeds.  Thoroughly wet everything, and then fill the bottom with water.  The string acts as a wick to pull moisture into the soil when needed, keeping everything at its preferred level of moisture.  And I just have to notice when it has run out of water.

I have enjoyed watching these fellows grow, and I'm almost reluctant to banish them to the garden.

The empty looking container in the middle is oregano.  Look, they're beginning to sprout!

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