Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colored Sugar Playtime

 I got this idea from someone, and I don't remember who, so I'm sorry to copycat without giving credit.  I don't know exactly what they used, but I saw a picture of a child drawing on a tray with colored sand.
We don't have sand handy, so I used sugar and food coloring.
 The food coloring didn't mix evenly, and I liked the sparkle of the sugar and the flecks of darker and lighter colored granules.

We haven't experienced much sand in the past two and a half years, so Kewpie was fascinated with the way it moves and feels on your hands.  I enjoyed it too.

As you can imagine, it made a bit of a mess. But this little black-and-white-minded-one needs to be able to make a mess and understand that sometimes it's ok to be messy.

When we got bored, we poured it into a bag for another day.  Easy to make, fun to do, pretty easy clean up.  We'll definitely be doing it again.
Thank you, whoever you are, for the good idea.


  1. What a great idea! Sugar is more available than sand, and usually a better consistency. It is very good for a child to create with something like this--has great aesthetic value.

  2. Annnnd, if they stick their fingers in their mouths, like all kiddos do, I'd much rather they ingest sugar than sand! Brilliant idea, Sus!