Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Toy Stroller Refurbish

Anyone who's had a toy stroller knows how they break. Someone sits in it or stands in it or does something to it and the fabric tears.

We actually have two toy strollers that are ripped.  When the second one ripped, I figured it was time to do some fixin'.

Lucky for me, I had the bottoms of some pant legs, when I cut them off for shorts for The Man last summer.  They were tactical pants, with ripstop fabric, and I knew they'd come in handy.  Very handy.

I cut the leg open and traced the old, torn cover onto the fabric.  There are two pieces, the top and bottom, and I was surprised they both fit on one pant leg.

I arranged it to have the bottom of the pant leg where the legs are in the stroller because I was going to use the velcro on the pants to attach it to the stroller.  Each pant leg had one velcro, so I simply detached the velcro strip from the second pant leg and sewed it on to this one.

Isn't Kewpie tough looking?  She's concentrating hard to hold the flap right, so she can't also think to smile.

I had to piece together the bottom part so that the flaps would fit.  I serged it and then sewed double seams, just as elsewhere on the fabric, because I knew we'd need some strength here.

Once I'd sewed the top and bottom pieces together, it was time to reattach it to the stroller.  Our stroller uses screws to attach it at the top. 
I made the hole in the fabric for the screw, applied some fray guard, put the screw in and reattached.

 Now you can sit in it all you want.

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